5 Benefits of Reading Over the Summer

By: Grace Hudgins

As a young adult, summertime is probably your most favorite time of the year — besides the holiday season, maybe. For some, it’s a vacation from academic responsibility, and for others, it’s more time to sleep. It’s a few free months to spend time with your friends, lounge by the pool, or go to summer camp.

Whatever the reason, we here at AtlanticTeen understand that the last thing you want to do on summer vacation is read a book. However, it’s been scientifically proven that students lose or forget material they learned the previous year during summer break if they skip out on the books — it’s known as the “summer slide.”

Reading over the summer can keep your mind active and boost your overall skills in reading, writing, and retaining information. We want to help make all of these possible for you, and we don’t want any of our young adults to experience the “summer slide” phenomenon.

Here are 5 benefits of reading over the summer that will motivate you to crack open that book that’s been on your shelf.

  1. Take a Break from Netflix


We understand that summer vacation is basically your endless Netflix-binge holiday (anyone else catching up on Game of Thrones?), but at some point, it might be a good idea to go outside and take a book or magazine with you. Instead of watching the characters and scenes play on a screen for you, why not try to envision them yourself for a few hours? There’s a reason why so many people rave about the books being better than the movies.

  1. Escape


reading in summer 2

Reading is actually relaxing. It gives your mind a break from thinking about your daily responsibilities or your to-do list. Books and stories allow you to live in a different world for a couple of hours, and you can see things from another set of eyes without having to lift a finger (except to turn the page).

  1. Broaden Your Mind

broaden mind

Reading over the summer can help you think, imagine, and feel new things. It’s nice to not have to read a book that you know you’ll be quizzed on later. Reading about people, whether they’re fictional or not, can open your eyes to new perspectives. Reading stories you’re actually interested in broadens your mind not just in an academic way, but in a personal way that can help you see things from a new perspective.

  1. Be In the Know


If it’s a news story or magazine article you decide to read daily, weekly or monthly, then you’ll be well caught up with current events. Depending on your interests, you can be up-to-date with the latest fashion trends, celebrity gossip, political scandals, and worldwide news. These stories are usually quick and to the point so you won’t have to spend a lot of time reading if you’re a busy person. You never know, these stories may appeal to you so much that you could want make a career out of them!

  1. Maintain Your Academic Skills

reading in summer

We mentioned this earlier, but reading over the summer truly does help you to maintain a certain level of skill. Sure, there will probably be new material you won’t understand right away and you’re bound to forget a few things next year, but reading can help your brain remember and retain. You can increase your reading and writing skills, as well as advance your vocabulary. Your brain will keep thinking the same way as it does in school, just without the stress and worry schoolwork sometimes brings along. This way, when the new school year rolls around, you will be well prepared!

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