Don’t Avoid Nonfiction: 5 Reasons to Pick Up A Nonfiction Book This Summer

By: Grace Hudgins

Fiction books are the go-to escapees for summer months. They allow us to dive into a reality that’s different from our everyday lives.

But as fun as it is to live the life of a wizard, Victorian royal, or whatever your favorite fictional character may be, it’s important to step back into the real world from time to time. Nonfiction books can help with that.

Below are five reasons to add a nonfiction book to your summer reading list.

1. Learn More About What You Like

During the summer, it’s common to want to avoid any form of learning or work. However, sometimes it’s a good idea to use the summer months as a time to learn about a topic, area, or specialty you’re interested in.

While Google is the usual go-to resource to learn quickly, nonfiction books can be just as useful. They’re more in-depth, and you can take the time to actually learn from the author. You can choose any topic — we recommend learning about building your confidence or nailing your next job interview.

2. Read An Autobiography From Your Idol

Let’s face it — during the academic school year, there isn’t time to read about your idol’s hardships, successes, and personal endeavors. Social media may allow you to keep tabs on them frequently, no matter if they’re in the spotlight for sports, entertainment, religion, or political achievements. Take advantage of your free time this summer, and learn more about the person who inspires you the most!

book on grass.JPG

3. Get The Answers You Need

Nonfiction books aren’t just autobiographies and true stories; there are guides and helpful resources, too. This summer, take time to read a book that gives you advice, answers, and tips about an interest you’ve always wondered about. It could be a nutrition guide, bullying tips, relationship advice or even dream interpretation. Whatever it is, there are a plethora of books that have the answers you’re looking for.

4. They’re Relatable to Real Life

Fictional characters and plots are sometimes relatable, but most often, fiction is written for us to escape into a new world. Nonfiction books, however, are the opposite. If you’re looking for a book that you can relate to, learn from, and apply what’s inside to real life, then nonfiction books are your best option. Authors write about personal experiences, endeavors and hardships that can relate directly to your life. You can take the author’s experience, apply it to your own life, and still escape reality at the same time.

guy reading a book.JPG

5. They’re Easy To Read

Fictional novels often have a theme or “hidden” message embedded in their pages. It’s easy to miss, and sometimes it can confuse or distract you from the entire story. Nonfiction books are simple — they are easy to read with the theme right at the beginning. Nonfiction will give you a break from decoding stories, and it will help you understand sentences the first time you read them. Nonfiction is the perfect resource to keep your brain healthy and active as well as keeping you from feeling overwhelmed as you read.

Fiction is a great escape genre. It’s nice to put yourself in a different world every now and then. However, it’s important to not avoid reality for too long. Reading a nonfiction book every now and then is the perfect balance between reality and fantasy. Use it to your advantage, and learn something new this summer. Who knows — you might actually enjoy it!

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