How You Should Prepare for Your Internship


  1. First Impressions Trump Reputation. Whether this is your first time in the office setting, or you are a pro, nothing gives people a better look at your true self than in the first ten minutes of meeting you. Studies have shown that a person’s first impression can be more influential than the individual’s reputation in the work force. So while, you may believe that you have great experience under your belt, that does not mean you shouldn’t bring your smiling face, sincere attitude and drive.writing girl
  2. Research The Company. Take time to dedicate a good portion of your time to learning the history of the company. Your supervisor will be very impressed by your vast knowledge of the company’s clients and partners. It is best to figure out the office culture before orientation day.
  3. Understand the Dress Code. Depending on the office culture, your company’s dress code can vary. Understand that interning at a law firm can call for a different office wardrobe than what you would wear if you interned at a recreation center. When building your internship wardrobe, it is best to invest in items that fit. Let me be clear, the fit is everything. Yes, you can buy a $100 oxford shirt, but if it poorly fits than it looks messy. You can stock up on great shirts at your local thrift store, as long as the fit works for you.
  4. Develop Your Daily Routine. Nothing is more of a struggle than going from sleeping until noon in the summer to waking up at 6 a.m. every morning and rushing to work because you forgot to make your lunch the night before. Generally, you will be notified of your schedule about a month in advance. Once you know what your schedule will be like, you will want to train your body to get into a routine. If you have to be at the office at 8 a.m., figure how much time it takes for you to get to work. Adjust an extra ten minutes for traffic or other common obstacles. Remember to add allotted time to get ready in the morning. Once you figure out what time you need to be up, it is best to start getting into the routine at least two weeks before your start date. If you take anything from this article, please take in this advice.
  5. Bring an Extra Outfit to Work. This may seem silly and a bit over the top, but if you have the ample space to store an emergency pair of dress clothes than take the precaution. Imagine you are at the end of your internship and you are set to present your presentation to the board after lunch. Only to be struck with despair when you realize that half of your tuna sandwich took a detour to the front of your shirt instead of your mouth. You can thank me later for saving the day.


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