Time Traveling With Atlantic Teen: John Quincy Adams

By Danielle Lieneman

I hope that every one had a good winter break and that the first couple weeks of school are going well. I know for me it was always hard to remember that learning can actually be fun (it’s true, I promise!). A trick I always try to keep in mind is to find something that interests me on a general level, and then expanding that interest further. For those of you that have been following our Time Traveling series, then this newest post will be the perfect remedy to shake off those back-to-school blues.

John Quincy Adams, remember him? The son of John Adams, the revolutionary leader and second president of the United States? John Quincy Adams shared more than just a name with his father. Both extraordinarily men have shaped the history of the United States with their passion for politics and serving the American people.

When looking back at our history and the individuals who have shaped it, it’s easy to forget that these figures were people. Before John Quincy Adams was the sixth President of the United States, he was a kid struggling to live up to his parent’s high expectations. Before being a Representative for the people of Massachusetts, the only President to serve in the House of Representatives post-Presidency I might add, John Quincy Adams was a heartbroken teen trying to balance a love life, schoolwork, and parental expectations. If all of these struggles sound familiar, it’s because while the technology may have changed in the last 200 years, people are still people and teenagers are still teenagers. We can learn a lot by studying our revered figures of American history and look past the policy and focus on the personal as well.

jqa-coverMike Purdy, an author specializing in presidential U.S. History, expands on this idea of presidents being people first, elected officials second in the forward one of our new books featured as a part of our Historical Anniversary series: People That Changed the Course of History: John Quincy Adams. To read more about John Quincy Adams, both the legacy he left after serving the American people and who John Quincy Adams really was, feel free to check out Mike Purdy’s own blog post or order our book on Amazon.


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