Senioritis: 4 Tips to Cure the Inevitable

By Danielle Lieneman

It’s senior spring for many of you. You’re almost there! It’s such an exciting (read: completely overwhelming) time, and sometimes it just seems easier to give the bare minimum to your schoolwork. To be completely honest, I think that my senior spring was spent stressing over college decisions, ignoring all responsibility while watching movie musicals, freaking out over financial aid and paying for college, reading the entirety of the brick that is Les Miserables in a week (I still don’t know how I had that much focus), and finally cramming for my AP exams at the last minute.

As someone who’s going through her second round of senioritis, I have some tips that I wish someone had told me while I was in high school.

  1. Find motivation. Whether it’s to get into your new university’s honors program, move up in your class rank, or even just the satisfaction of beating your sibling’s grades, having a set goal will allow you to stay focused and on track. Your grades really do matter, and colleges have been known to revoke admissions for students whose GPAs have fallen too low. organized-desk
  1. Make a schedule. As you might remember from my organization tips post, I have quite a love for organizing and scheduling. While my high school planner wasn’t color coded, it did have scholarship and letters of recommendation deadlines, exam and project dates, and a study schedule. I find that if you take the time to plan out your week and schedule study time, it’s a lot harder to procrastinate with a good conscious, and the guilt will force some studying to occur.
  1. Leave time for fun. As important as grades and scholarship applications are, take the time to hang out with your friends and family. In a few short months, you will be however many miles away at college, simultaneously making new friends, and missing your high school BFFs more than you think you thought possible. The plans can be as big as a multi-day road trip or as small as a “road trip” to the beach/lake when the weather is warm enough. Explore the nature trail you always drive past but never ventured into or go prom dress/tuxedo shopping in the next town over. What
    beachyou do doesn’t matter so much as who you’re doing it with.
  1. Don’t forget about self-care. This is different from the above recommendation, I promise. Sometimes having a weekend entirely dedicated to dates, mall trips, and family outings adds to the stress, and exhaustion that inevitably come with senior year. Take some time to focus on you and only you. Whether that comes in the form of doing your nails and watching Gossip Girl (is that a show that people still watch? Please tell me I’m not that old), working out and watching the newest Marvel movie, or curling up with a book you’ve been meaning to read since you bought it over winter break, the ability to turn off all outside stressors for a few hours will do wonders for your stamina as your high school career comes to a close.

The biggest thing to remember as your high school career comes to a close, is to be proud of yourself. It’s been a long journey since getting dropped off at kindergarten with your cartoon character backpack, one that has been full of ups and downs, more memories than you know what to do with, and an experience that can never be relived. Enjoy that walk across the stage, you deserve it!



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