Blind Date with a Book: A Perfect Way to Spend Valentine’s Day

By Kylie Widseth

Blind date. I’m guessing a range of emotions come to mind when you think of these two words. Overall, I imagine the words that come to mind are mainly negative. The idea of going on a blind date terrifies me, but going on a blind date with a book? Now that I like.

wrapped-gift-heartI recently started a book club at my college, and was asked if my club would like to help
with an event put on by the library staff. This event would be called Blind Date with a Book, and the idea was that we would pick out a few books, wrap them out, and write some key phrases on the cover of the books. If these descriptions sounded interesting, students could come and check the books out.

I was in love with this idea. I’ve seen this done at bookstores before, but I’ve just never purchased one. I liked that the books used would be library books in case a student hated the book. It’s really a win all around.

We weren’t really sure how popular the event would be, so we started small. The librarian said that if even a few books were checked out, she would be really happy.

We wrapped the books and eagerly awaited to see students’ responses.

The books started flying off the shelves. The librarians couldn’t even keep up. I was seeing the event talked about all over Twitter, and people were contacting me because they wanted to interview me for stories they were writing about the event.

I was in shock, to say the least. I always seem to naively think that I’m the only nerd at college who likes to read. Heck, I was afraid to even make a book club for years because I had always imagined it being a party of one. Clearly, I’m wrong on many accounts. There are other avid readers at college, and I just don’t seem to realize. (Also, where are all you book lovers because I need to meet you!)

People asked me if I expected the event to be so popular. I said I had hoped that it would be, but I definitely didn’t expect it.

I think the event also went so well because so many students don’t realize that college libraries have more than just textbooks and educational reads. They also have books that you would find at any other library, some good fictional, leisurely reads. I think this event helped people realize that libraries can actually be really fun. Does that sound cheesy? Probably, but it really is true!

I hope this Valentine’s Day is perfect for you. Whether you’re spending time with a special someone or curled up in bed with a book, make sure to spend it with the ones you love and er, the things you love.

Also, this is my little message to really go and check out your local library, you might be surprised with what you find.



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