Giveaway: Blind Date with a Book

With an idea shamelessly inspired by our intern Kylie’s efforts at the University of Florida library (read about it here), we’ve decided that our Valentine’s Day giveaway will be our own “Blind Date with a Book.”

If you’d like the opportunity to be a part of your very own “Blind Date,” please read the rules below:

Any one of the following count as a 1 entry:

Contestants are able to enter up to 6 times with no more than 2 entries on the same social media platform. For example, you could share on Facebook 2 times, retweet 2 times, and comment 2 separate times tagging a total of 4 friends on Instagram for a total of 6 entries.

The giveaway will last a week from today, closing at 11:59 pm on February 21.

Once selected with a random generator, the winner will have the opportunity to pick from 3 wrapped books.

*Giveaway open to U.S residents only*

Don’t miss out on this easy and fun opportunity!


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