Student Life: A Balancing Act

Here to tell us about the balancing act required with being a student, an aspiring writer, a lover of books, and a show choir star is Raylee Dawn.

In my life as a student and a living person, I find that balance is the root of the tree. I love to read and write, but the problem is trying to find the time while I study for classes and practice for the school show choir.

I find that if you take your class syllabi and a planner from Wal-Mart you can mark all of what is going on and the due dates. You might have to change some of them, so do that in pencil. Then I can mark free time. I don’t rely on this time to be constantly open, so its just a perk. I also think as free time as a reward that I get for doing my work, so I do try to keep it free.

However, this might not work for some people; it didn’t work for me for a while. As a result, I would spend one day of the week on one subject, so I didn’t get bored. This worked really well since I only have seven classes. Sometimes I might know of an upcoming test, so I would switch days but only on the week right before. You must remember that most people only remember 25 to 50% of what they hear so you should study a few days or weeks in advance.  I like to have an hour or 30 minutes to read a day but that doesn’t always work.

I try to attend after school activities that allow or implore me to read and write. A book club can be nice, and you can even get ideas on what to read next. An art club is good for those who like to draw; there’s a local art gallery that lets me sell some of my pieces. Clubs are fun and always have something for you to do.

Now that I’m done explaining how I do all these things and still have the energy to stand up, I think its time to tell you why I do this.

Half the clubs I’m in, Honor and Show Choir, I’m in to get in to a good college with the best musical program. While that is true for the other half I’m in, its not true for the other half: the reading and the writing clubs

The only other reason I have for this is to keep myself entertained and not bored out of my mind just thinking of school. I meet new friends at these events, and while I know that makes me sound like a cliché, its true. I don’t belong to one clique because I hang out with multiple groups at school. If one clique kicks me out, a new one always finds me because I am in these clubs and choirs and libraries. I’m no jack-of-all-trades, but I can throw up a good disguise.

Raylee is a 13 year old star student with dreams of becoming a writer. Besides her love of the written word, Raylee is also passionate about the performing arts. She’s a member of 2 choirs at her middle school. One day you’ll see her on Broadway with a book on the NYT Bestsellers list.

If you’re interested in contributing, we would love to hear from you! Contact us here if interested.


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