Write On, Dudes! Advice for Selecting a Major if You Love to Write

By Yvonne Bertovich

Even words can sometimes not express how quintessential it is to the livelihood of writers to write — ironic, isn’t it? Either that first sentence resonated with you or it didn’t. But true writers know that there is frustration and beauty and humor and nuances and isms and honesty and love and hate and so many things they still have left to say in this world — they just have to tap into the right mindset.

College provides the ideal environment to encourage creativity and to push one’s boundaries. If you’re at all interested in writing, here are a few majors that will make you feel at home.

Journalism: If you enjoy “seeking the truth,” synthesizing facts, talking to people (anyonejournalist
from Average Joes to government schmoes), going on adventures, working on deadlines, critical thinking, being creative, and, most importantly, being challenged — journalism may be the right major for you. The course load can be rigorous, but it is nothing short of thrilling and rewarding. This major provides so much real-world experience in communications and pushes you out of your comfort zone (even if you’re shy, like me).
This major is definitely one to consider if you find yourself fascinated by the news, feature stories on anyone and anything, as well as investigative or data-driven pieces of writing.

Public Relations: If you’re a confident, business-minded go-getter, love to write, being creative, and feel that you advocate for others well — public relations may be the major for you. The course load is typically similar to that of journalism, however, the two are different in the sense that public relations focuses on the ability to synthesize information for a client or clients. This may be a large corporation, small company, an individual, a celebrity, or some other entity. 

Advertising: If you enjoy analyzing what makes people tick, thinking critically, thinking creatively, pushing boundaries, taking risks, collaborating, and gathering data —
advertising may be the major for you. We live in a highly consumerist society and are
constantly inundated with options for different products and services. Advertising is for those who want to take a stab at advocating for a product, service, company, whatever, and turn it into “the next big thing.” Advertising involves a lot of research and studies to best gauge what campaigns resonate with consumers and why.

camera.jpgTelecommunications: No, this isn’t just for those who love camera time. You can totally be camera shy and still make it big in the telecom world. Telecommunications is a major perfect for those who love to synthesize large concepts and break them down for the average viewer. This doesn’t mean all of the telecom world is about simplicity. As soon as video storytelling becomes involved, the options for creativity are endless and ever-changing. There is great power in being a telecom professional, because viewers have not only their eyes to read information, but their ears to hear, and their emotions are also made vulnerable.

English: If you’re a traditional guy or gal, enjoy reading, thinking critically, thinking creatively, and just want to write, write, write — the English major may be right for you. Your days and nights will be filled with words and it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary for you to feel compelled to craft the next great American novel or book of short stories or collection of poems.

Something else: Even if you do not choose a major where writing is the focus, that doesn’t mean you will not be writing plenty in college in a wide variety of fields. Research papers, reaction papers, essays, dissertations, applications, and more are undoubtedly going to come fluttering your way. There is also the option for many majors to become an English minor. This would allow a definite influx of writing assignments on literature-relevant topics.

writingRegardless of whether or not any of these majors sound appealing to you, don’t ever stop typing, scribbling, or scribing for as long as you feel compelled (even if it’s just to take some extra time on that Instagram caption or for a short story on Twitter). There is so much to be said and so many ways to say it — write on, Dudes!



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