A Dream Job: My Time at Atlantic Publishing

By Kylie Widseth

I feel like my journey (I know, that’s cheesy, calm down) with Atlantic Publishing began when I first scrolled through the companies that would be at career day for my college.

Now, I am a journalism major, but after delving into news, so much, so often I began to burn out. I still love journalism, and I could never ever see myself changing my major. I scrolled through the list of employers thinking that was no way I would find a book publisher, my new found dream job.

I was incredibly shocked to see Atlantic under the list of employers, and I low-key stalked Atlantic on every social media platform I could find. Day in and day out I found new information about the company and fell more and more in love with everything that I found.

I had a number of interviews on career day, but Atlantic was the one I really wanted to get right.


An actual photo from my interview, probably.

The interview was probably one of the best interviews I’ve ever had and probably my favorite one so far. The interview was fun and felt so much like a conversation rather than an invasion into “what are your strengths and weaknesses?”

I luckily got hired. I hope you already drew that conclusion as here I am writing this post.

I’ve genuinely loved every day of work at Atlantic. I was recently asked by someone what my favorite and least favorite parts of my job are. I raved and raved about the things I loved and when it came to things I didn’t like, I really couldn’t come up with anything. Now, this person thought I was lying, but I really wasn’t. I know the quote is so cheesy, but I truly believe, “choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

I’ve always been the one in my friend group to be requested to edit papers or asked questions like “does this sound too harsh?” and I always did that for free. But now I actually get paid to edit people’s work; this is the actual dream job.shutterstock_163383425

I really love how every day of work is completely different. I get assigned so many different tasks that if I start to get burned out by looking at stock photos, I can change gears and edit a book and come back to the photos later.

One of the most fun things about editing nonfiction books is that I learn so much while editing them. Countless times I would text my parents and say, “did you know…” I’ve always known that there were so many steps in the book publishing process, but you really begin to learn and understand the many stages when working for a publishing company. I am eager for the time to come when I get to see a book I edited, added pictures to, or wrote a case study for is published in a physical format so that I can literally hold the work that I helped create.


I’m grateful to Atlantic for everything they have given to me; I’ve learned so many things over this past semester while working here. I’m thankful that they aren’t getting rid of me just yet and that I can continue to work here until the fall when I graduate. No, I’m not crying, you’re crying.

I’m incredibly excited to see what the future holds for me at this company.


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