By: Melody Wolf

My first ever internship was this past fall at the Gainesville Regional Airport. I dabbled with social media, press releases and event planning. I absolutely loved my job, but as the semester ended, I had to reroute. In a short amount of time, I found myself scrambling to find an internship, alongside many other J-School students. I logged onto the career day site and began my search for work.

I wanted a place with a good work environment. I wanted a group of coworkers who took my thoughts into consideration. And most importantly, I wanted a place that would give me the opportunity to grow. I know that as a second-year college student with minimal work experience I should not be making requests or demands or have a make-or-break checklist. But I can honestly say that working for this company has checked off every box and exceeded my expectations in every way possible.

Atlantic Publishing gave me creative freedom that I was looking for. I was encouraged to voice my opinions and interject whenever I saw fit. Every time all of the interns were summoned to the big brown conference table, I always knew I would have my time to speak… because they actually CARED what I had to say – you don’t find that too often as a struggling college undergrad.

Interning here has also taught me the importance of trial and error. We tried everything from switching email marketing programs to various A/B testing methods on social media platforms. Most of my position was structured in a learn-as-you-go format… in other words not very structured at all. There was no manual or step-by-step guide, but rather the unique perspectives of a small group of people who just wanted what was best for the company. We helped each other out, and the close proximity of our circle made me realize how important it is to have each other’s backs. We’re all in this together! *cue Zac Efron’s mediocre dance skills*

As I end my time here at Atlantic, I have to recognize a few people who helped me maximize my potential. Lisa, thank you for asking me how I wanted to approach every project. You trusted me to do things my own way, which in turn made me feel more accomplished as an individual. Doug, thank you allowing me to take on so much responsibility. I know that this company is such a prominent part of your life, and I know you would never put it in any sort of jeopardy – so thanks for giving me the chance to work to make it better.

Overall, I am extremely grateful to have had this opportunity. If I could do it all over again, I wouldn’t change a single thing. I have grown substantially, both personally and professionally. For anyone who is semi-interested in pursuing a career in communications or even marketing, I highly recommend looking into interning here for the people, the environment, and the experience. One thing is for sure, your work days and your coffee cup will always be full – guaranteed.



  1. Douglas Brown says:

    Hi Melody – I just got a chance to read this piece you wrote and I must say it was very touching – the writing was superb. The thank you should go to you for all your great work – it was a pleasure having you in the office – please keep us posted om what you are up to – Sincerely – Doug


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