No More Chicken Sandwiches, and Other Perks of Working for Atlantic

chick fil a sandwich

This sandwich looks amazing right? Well it wasn’t after 2.5 years…

I’m not going to lie. When I got the email asking if I was still interested in working for
Atlantic Publishing, my first thought was that I could finally quit my job at Chick-Fil-A. That was two and a half years of lunch rushes, broken ice cream machines, and fried chicken that would be replaced with an office job doing what I love: inspiring people with the power of books.

When I started five months ago, I didn’t quite know what to expect. While I had repeatedly told myself that a career in the publishing industry was the correct path for me, part of me was worried that I would get there and hate it. Another part of me was apprehensive about the focus on YA and nonfiction because I had never thought about either of those genres as an option. Well between you and me, I was completely wrong. I love publishing. I love nonfiction. I love the YA world.  As a kid I spent more time than I would care to admit in our school library, but let’s just say that the librarians knew my name, reading level, and the books I had already read. They even would keep new arrivals behind the desk for me to go through. I love having the chance to help create new and engaging content that will hopefully impact students like I was impacted.

As one of two marketing interns with no real marketing director above us other than the president of the company, I had an unexpected amount of freedom and a variety of tasks. Some days I would spend hours on Amazon creating ads and updating product descriptions. Other days I would do revisions for an updated edition of our massive Restaurant Managers Handbook. No matter what the rest of my day consisted of, the best part of any day was managing this blog and social media. It’s incredibly rewarding to know that people are reading the words I’ve written and being influenced by them.

keywordsThe publishing industry isn’t always glamorous or exciting. Those hours on Amazon? I can’t say that they’re my favorite part of my job responsibilities, but at the same time I love being able to physically see the impact that my work has on the company when we make a sale.  In the relatively short time that I have been here, many of the ads that I have worked on directly created over five hundred to a thousand dollars in sales.

This semester has been an incredible learning experience. I couldn’t be more grateful to Rebekah, Doug, and Lisa for providing me with the opportunity to learn and grow or to my fellow interns who made the workday so fun.

I can’t wait to continue working here full time next year! Keep reading and keep writing!



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