So You Want To Write a Children’s Book

By: Melody Wolf

Writing a book is such a large task. Some people will spend an entire lifetime finding the perfect words to convey exactly what they’re trying to say because once your book hits shelves, you better hope you’re proud of it. But what happens when your audience still picks their boogers and has an attention span of a two-month old puppy? That’s right – I’m talking about the almighty genre of children’s books.


For those of you that ever showed an interest in writing a children’s book or are actively looking to expand your writing career, here is some valuable advice from Susan Collins, taken directly from our book.

For some reason, I have always liked writing from a child’s point of view, even when I wrote fiction for adults when I was younger. After I had kids and was reading all these wonderful children’s books to them, it just made sense to try writing for children. I quickly discovered it is quite challenging and very fun. What other job would involve dreaming up an iguana who plays the blues? I think there is no better calling than writing for children. Although I do not like preachy books, I do hope to inspire kids and make them think as well as entertain them.

My advice to aspiring children’s book authors:

  • Make time to write on a regular basis
  • Go to a restaurant or a park if you get distracted at home
  • Read many children’s books
  • Hang out with kids, so you can see the world through their eyes
  • Find some writing buddies for critiques or just support

Being an author has been great fun. I love visiting schools and reading my book and talking about writing. I get a kick out of the kids. They come up to tell me stories or show me something they have written or just to give me a hug. Their openness and enthusiasm are inspiring.

If you’re interested in writing a children’s book, consider purchasing our book


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