3 Types of Dreams

By: Kylie Widseth

shutterstock_547906330For thousands and thousands of years, humans have worked to analyze the purpose and meaning behind the dreams that we see in our periods of sleep. Long ago, dreams were believed to be a way to predict the future, and individuals who could interpret and read dreams were highly regarded individuals.

Leah Fortner, a holistic counselor and life coach, who assists others on dream analysis, talks about three types of dreams that we can have.

One of the concepts that I teach others in my Dream Analysis classes is the ability to use dreams to connect to your higher self or unconscious in order to receive direction or advice about areas of concerns in your life. One method of doing this is to ask your subconscious a question before lying down for bed. I have personally experienced this and have had great insights and helpful information from these methods. Some people have a natural ability to connect and direct dreams, whereas others have to practice in order to create that bond of conscious to unconscious. However, everyone is able to use these tools with commitment and patience.

Learning to control your dreams, known as lucid dreaming, is a very exciting experience. All humans are capable of the same level of consciousness and so are all capable of lucid dreaming. It is something that, if it does not come naturally to you, will take practice. As you spend more time and energy with your dream experiences and practicing different methods for inducing lucid dream states, you will increase your ability to experience this state. The benefits of doing so are infinite and primarily unknown to our scientific culture. At the very least, it offers the dreamer the ability to experience a boundless reality where we can express ourselves freely without fear or caution.

shutterstock_559226803Another type of dreaming similar to lucid dreaming is astral projection, which is the ability to leave the body and experience a higher level of consciousness. There are different astral planes we can experience during these projections. It is a common experience for the dreamer to feel conscious of his or her body but unable to move it, often times occurring in a type of nightmare. This is, however, a form of astral projection, and because we are not used to the sensation of body awareness and conscious separation, it creates a level of fear in the dreamer.

I also believe that psychic dreams are a very real and amazing experience. There is a lack of logical reasoning when we try to understand how these types of dreams occur, but there is no denying it when it happens. A mother wakes in the middle of the night in hot sweats and deep panic because she has just had a nightmare that her daughter was in a terrible car accident and moments later the phone rings, on the other end a messenger shares that her daughter is in the hospital due to a vehicular collision. Can we really doubt the reality of this experience and the psychic energy that played out in her dream? Psychic dream experiences ask us to look deeper into this psychic energetic field and the amazing ability our subconscious has to tap into it.

51jodhiqr+L._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_If you’re interested in learning more about dreams and dream interpretation, check out our book, The Young Adult’s Guide to Dream Interpretation.


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