Summer Slump: 10 Long-term Cures for Summer Boredom

By: Kristen Joseph

July is typically the midpoint of summer vacation for most school-goers, which means it’s also primetime for a horrible case of summer boredom to set in. You’ve already done all the fun stuff you had planned for the summer, and now you’re just stuck sitting around marking off the days on your calendar until you start the new school year. Never fear! Here’s a list of ten things to do to that will keep you occupied for the rest of the summer:

1) Get a job. It may sound like a complete summer cliché, but getting a job — which means earning more pocket change — is a tried-and-true way to keep busy during the summer. You can learn a new skill, gain experience, and potentially do something fun with your free time. Regardless, you get paid. Definitely an upgrade from sitting on the couch all day. (If you’re worried about the interview process, here’s a handy-dandy survival guide, courtesy of Atlantic Publishing.)


2) Learn an instrument. Or keep practicing one that you already know. There are so many benefits that you can obtain from playing any musical instrument, from gaining discipline to improving your memory. And the world of music is so vast that you’ll never run out of things to play. Or you could write a song yourself, once you master your instrument.

3) Volunteer. Many high schools and scholarship organizations require students to have a certain number of community service hours. And colleges like to see that you’re involved within your community, volunteering your free time with different organizations for the greater good and all that jazz. There are lots of fun ways to earn those community service hours, too. It’s a great way to make new summer memories while earning school credit.

4) Exercise. Just hearing the word sounds strenuous, but I promise you, exercising can actually be fun. You can either do it the standard way, or try some interesting new exercise routines. For example, I just started hula hooping with my best friend three times a week (the hula hoops are weighted so you end up burning more calories and work up a sweat). It’s been great so far! And I used to be terrible at hula hooping, but now I can keep it up for an entire hour. These workouts are honestly one of my favorite parts of the week.


5) Dance classes. Another fantastic, untraditional method of exercise. Technical, enjoyable, rhythmic, character-building. You could learn types of dances like Latin, hip hop, or contemporary, and look like a pro busting a move to all of your favorite songs. Any type of dancing is just incredible; you definitely won’t regret this activity.

6) Learn a sport. Or keep playing one you already love. It’s a fun activity to do with friends, counts as exercise, and it counts as strength training for your brain, too.

7) Start a garden. You just need plants, water, sunlight, and a little bit of knowledge on how to properly care for your new green friends. For more info on how to easily grow your own garden, check out our book The Complete Guide to Growing Vegetables, Flowers, Fruits, and Herbs from Containers: Everything You Need to Know Explained Simply Revised 2nd Edition (Back to Basics).

8) Learn a new language. This activity will definitely be challenging, but think of how cool you’ll sound saying things in another language. And just imagine all of the new awesome places that you can visit to test out your newly acquired speaking skills.


9) Write a story. Flex those creative muscles! With pen and paper — or fingers and word processor — you can create an entirely new world where literally anything can happen. You can even publish your stories online for fellow story-lovers to read. So work up your imagination and get to writing. I can’t wait to read your next bestseller. (If writing children’s books or screenplays is your thing, check out our books So You Want to Write a Children’s Book: A Step-by-Step Guide to Writing and Publishing for Kids and So You Want to Write a Screenplay: A Step-by-Step Guide to Writing for Film, Video, and Television for tips on how to get started).

10) Read books! Come on, you had to know this was coming. Reading books is literally one of the best ways to pass the time no matter what season you’re in. Once you discover what genre you’re in to, there’s an endless treasure trove of books to add to your to-be-read pile.

And now you have ten activities to help you get through the rest of the summer. Enough to count on your fingers. You should mix the numbers of the activities up and assign each number to a finger…. Have you done it yet? Good, you have. Pick the numbers on your thumbs and decide which of the two activities you’re going to start today… like, right now… why are you still reading this? Go have fun with your new hobby!



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