Before College Summer Bucket List

By: Kylie Widseth

What a fun time in your life! The period between high school and right before you start college, a summer filled with endless possibilities. I decided to create a list full of five things you might want to consider doing this summer before you start your college days!

  1. Read that book you’ve always been meaning to – This is the time in your life when you (most likely) don’t have to worry about any assigned summer reading. It’s one of the first times that the world is truly your own library. You don’t necessarily have to read the classics anymore! If you’re thinking you aren’t much of a reader, just try to pick up a book that peaks your interest. Get out there and get reading!
  2. shutterstock_367732748Road trip – Go travel the world, travel your state or even travel your city – Take your friends and just drive the open road. As they say in the One Direction song, go to places you can’t even pronounce. Sometimes those small cities along the way create the best memories.
  3. Visit your favorite spots in your hometown – Go to your favorite restaurants, diners, and ice cream shop. Make sure to especially visit some of your favorite local places since they won’t be in your college town.
  4. shutterstock_358226081Spend time with friends – I know this seems like kind of an obvious one, but really, spend time with your friends! Especially those you know won’t be going on to the same college as you. Have sleepovers, go shopping, and eat at your favorite places! Or just sit around doing absolutely nothing together. The bottom line: just enjoy each other’s presence while you can.
  5. Get a job – Money is essential in college and college costs can rack up. Try to get a job to make some extra cash as you make your way into college.
  6. Dorm shopping – Shopping for your new place can be very fun, and it can also be overwhelming. Try to so some shopping here and there so you aren’t left with doing all your shopping in one single trip!
  7. shutterstock_609626255Have some alone time – Spend some time just doing you and being you on your own time. Go on a hike by yourself or just spend some time in your room watching YouTube or Netflix.

Regardless of what you decide to do with your summer, just remember to enjoy every second of it! You’re about to embark on a very exciting chapter of your life!


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