Best Reading Spots

By: Kristen Joseph

Have you ever been anywhere and you just suddenly have the urge to curl up and read? That’s me, at least 80 percent of every day. I’ve read while standing at bus stops, during family lunches (I promise, I wasn’t ignoring them, I was just reading because no one was speaking to me at the moment), and while sitting under the dryer when I’m at the hairdresser. But sometimes when that feeling strikes, the atmosphere is just off, and not very conducive to reading. Most of the time, I feel comfortable reading wherever I’m at. As soon as I open up my book, the world is immediately tuned out, and I’m completely absorbed in the story. But, like any reader, I do have favorite reading spots. Hopefully you do too, but if you don’t, here are a couple suggestions to make that special time with your book even more enjoyable:

Public Transit – I cannot even imagine taking public transit without a good book in hand. As long as you don’t suffer frospots4m motion sickness, a bus, train, (or a car, or a plane) is a fantastic place to get some reading done. You could also indulge in an audio book while taking public transportation. You still get to enjoy the feeling of reading, without the added weight of a book in your bag. Bonus: listening to an audio book won’t give you motion sickness!

Window Seat/Comfy Chair – These structures were specifically built for reading. Don’t believe anyone who tells you otherwise.

The Great Outdoors – A nice park bench. Soft grass. A hammock. A rocking chair on a porch. A++ places to zip through a few chapters (or twenty). Just listing those off felt relaxing; imagine how tranquil you’ll feel while reading there.

spots1At “social gatherings – Now, I’m not saying that you should go out with your friends, fully intending to ignore them in favor of the new novel in your bag. But if you happen to be out with friends or family, you’re not talking to anyone, and you’re starting to get bored, it’s perfectly okay to pull out your book and start reading. It’s a better option than sitting around staring at a wall until your friends or family are ready to leave.

Libraries or Bookstores – That one’s a given. If you’re surrounded by books, of course you’ll have an incredible urge to read. Luckily, most libraries and bookstores have chairs so you can do just that!

During “Designated Waiting Periods” – Reading is the perfect solution to boredom when you’re in the waiting room at the doctor’s office, or waiting for class to start. You know you’ll probably be waiting anyway, so you might as well enjoy a novel adventure during that time.


Bed – The best place to read, in my opinion. My fondest reading memories always include lying in bed, lamp on, under a blanket, and leaning on pillows (if I have a bowl of leftover Chinese food too, it’s definitely one of my best nights ever).

Of course, there are many more places that you can turn into your own personal book nook. Go exploring and find a few more to add to this list!


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