Tips on publishing a book

By: Kylie Widseth 

shutterstock_484921945 (1)For any aspiring writer, the process that one has to go through to get a book published may seem pretty daunting. Just coming up with a topic is a difficult task. We all have ideas in our heads that could end up being the next bestseller, but it can be scary to work toward that goal. But we are here to offer you some advice so that the idea of getting your book published won’t seem so intimidating anymore.

Naresh Vissa, an author, takes you through the process of selecting a topic to write a book about.

The first element of a successful book is writing on a particular subject with a clear focus and expertise. The narrower the topic, the better.

As a writer, you must have the knowledge to discuss a topic in depth. It should be something that you are passionate about or are screaming to say. It’s tough to pretend to feel an emotion or passion if you don’t feel it.

shutterstock_689236855You should write a book on a focused, narrow topic that you care about and want an audience to learn about. Many times, I write because I know I have strong, convincing arguments and points on certain subjects, but my friends and family won’t listen to me because they aren’t interested or are too busy with their lives. They don’t want to hear me ramble about book publishing or digital marketing. So, my solution is to write a book for myself. The people who are interested will come later. If the book is good, then they will find your stuff.

Don’t waste your time trying to become a hack author — someone who writes about random topics just because they’re trending on Amazon, Google Trends, or Twitter. It’s impossible to be an expert in disconnected subject areas, and if you’re just writing because you think you’ll sell many copies, then you’ll quickly be labeled as a hack whose writing isn’t genuine.

Businesses must take into account every trend and disruption because people start businesses with the intent of ultimately generating profits. An entrepreneur can’t afford to ignore trends.

shutterstock_409307923But book writing isn’t the exact same as starting a business. This is because writing must be deep and unique in order to make an impact on the readers who are smart enough to purchase and take the time to read your book. They’ll be smart enough to identify the author as a phony, too.

The best books — the ones that last through history — are the ones that were written out of sheer enthusiasm and choice. They’re not the ones based off a Google Trend to make a quick buck.

51M51XmEVKL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Hopefully after hearing Naresh’s advice, you have a book idea swirling around in your head. If you are looking for even more advice on how to publishing your own book or e-book, check out our book So You Want to Publish Your Own Book & E-Book.


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