Guest Appearances

Moziah “Mo” Bridges

mo-pro-shotA former Shark Tank contestant, Moziah “Mo” Bridges is the 14-year-old CEO of Mo’s
Bows handmade bowties: a Memphis family-run business. Mo’s bowties have been featured in numerous international publications, and are sold online, as well as Neiman Marcus and other retailers throughout the United States.

To purchase bowties or to learn more about Mo and what it takes to be a young entrepreneur, check out the Mo’s Bows website or the company Facebook.

Melissa Carter

Melissa Carter

Melissa Carter is an author, mentor and entrepreneur. Melissa works full-time in marketing and has a wellness business. Melissa also has experience in event planning and fundraising. In her spare time, Melissa enjoys writing, fitness and enjoying life!

For more information, please visit her website or her Facebook page.