Meet the Writers




Zachary Arcivar


Zach Arcivar is a senior at Columbia College Chicago, and is pursuing a degree in creative fiction writing. He hopes of publishing his own short story fiction as well as fulfilling his entrepreneurial goals by starting a microbrewery after finishing school. When he isn’t reading or writing, he’s usually at the gym, binge-watching Netflix, or hanging out with his one-eyed dog named Gracey.


Lauren Capps



Lauren Capps is a senior at the University of Florida currently studying for an English degree. Lauren hopes to be a paranormal romance author one day. If not writing or brainstorming story ideas, her hobbies include horseback riding, reading, and playing League of Legends.




Taylor Gaines is a recent graduate from
the journalism program at the University of Florida. He’s always reading three different books, watching 50 different TV shows, and writing about sports or entertainment. His weird obsessions include “Hamilton,” “Supergirl,” Fall Out Boy, and podcasts about journalism. (Twitter)




Grace Hudgins is a senior journalism student at the University of Florida. She enjoys reading nonfiction books by award-winning journalists just as much as fiction books. Other than reporting, reading and writing, Grace’s hobbies include tanning at the beach, shopping and going to the movies. Her favorite people, besides her family, are the talented Orlando WESH 2 news reporters; the influential and inspiring Tim Tebow; author Jojo Moyes, and the infamous Kim Kardashian.


writer pic



Kristen Joseph is a second-year student at the University of Chicago, majoring in English Language and Literature. Her ultimate dream job is to be an editor for a publishing company’s Young Adult department. In her spare time, she can usually be found with her nose in a YA novel (most likely of the fantasy genre), watching a movie, or listening to music/spontaneously bursting into song.




Audie Lauf


Audie Lauf is a senior at Illinois State University pursuing a double major in public relations and fashion design. Audie is currently training for his first half marathon. When he is not studying or training he enjoys reading autobiographies of fashion leaders through history.




 coffee-shop-pictureDANIELLE LIENEMAN 

Danielle Lieneman is a senior at the University of Florida studying Advertising and English. She enjoys books of every genre, but especially fantasy, literary fiction, and nonfiction books about European history. She can usually be found wandering around a bookstore, studying at the local coffeeshop, or marathoning Gilmore Girls. When she isn’t reading or studying, Danielle is singing Broadway musicals at the top of her lungs and reciting facts about Hamilton to anyone that will listen.




Yvonne Bertovich is a junior journalism student at the University of Florida. She enjoys reading historical nonfiction, autobiographies, fiction, and every kind of magazine. When she isn’t at UF’s Weimer Hall, Yvonne enjoys watching Gator football, basketball, and other sports, volunteering for a fitness and exercise program for students with disabilities, grocery shopping, going to the gym, quoting sitcoms and movies, and making smoothies. Yvonne also loves hanging out with her family in Tampa, including her sister, Cake, an 11-year-old yellow lab.





Kylie Widseth is a junior journalism major at the University of Florida. Her favorite book genres are contemporary, romance, dystopian, and suspense. In her free time, she’s usually watching YouTube videos (most often Kian and Jc), making her own videos for her BookTube channel, obsessing over dogs, watching hockey, or buying too much makeup and too many books. Her dream job is to continue to work for book publishing companies!




Melody Wolf is a second-year Marketing student at the University of Florida. Her career goals are very broad, but she eventually wants to reside in Seattle, WA. In her spare time, she enjoys tennis, paddle-boarding, and writing/performing acoustic sets. Melody is very interested in international affairs and is set on studying abroad in Ireland next Spring!